‘We had no time’: Medics reveal how they saved Briton attacked by shark

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Off-duty Swedish medics have told how they helped save the life of a British tourist after his foot was bitten off by a shark in Australia.

Alistair Raddon, 28, and Danny Maggs, 22, were on a day cruise and snorkelling near Hook Passage in the Whitsunday Islands, northern Queensland, when they were attacked by a shark.

Paramedic Billy Ludvigsson, who also happened to be on the cruise, explained how it was a race against time to save Mr Raddon’s life after he was bitten.

He said: “Back at home when I work in the ambulance we have time to prepare for the assignment, this time we didn’t.

“We had to make a makeshift tourniquet with ropes and towels to stop the bleeding.

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